Are you obsessed with technology? Do you take your electronic gadgets to bed as well? If you do then this is a very informative blog for you. Like you there are millions of people who are going crazy about using technology in everything they do. They use mobile phones, tablets, laptops and gaming devices at home and even on the go. They have become so addicted to this device that they barely sleep and spend more time with these devices.

While the technology has brought many good things to our lives, we should use it with caution. Over usage of technology is affecting our health. It is hampering our work and personal life as well. In this blog, you will get to know how these electronic gadgets are having an adverse effect on our lives. You will also learn about the latest technology and electronic devices. So, on the same site, you are going to know about both the good and bad side of the technology. I hope you will find this blog very interesting and useful.