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Blitz Brigade is an online multiplayer action war shooter game developed by Gameloft and released on March 11, 2015 for Android, Windows, and iOS (Apple). The game requires an internet connection to operate and game-play can be experienced on a tablet that runs any of the previously mentioned operating systems, too! This action packed war-based shooter game is set in the backdrop of World War 2, as the game was originally inspired by another game entitled, Battlefield Heroes.

This popular contemporary first person shooter game provides users with with 6 unique maps: Malta Fort and Docks, Cathedral, Madagascar and Madagascar Ruins, and the UFO Crash Site. Further, Blitz Brigade features a variety of useful vehicles to operate during game-play which includes helicopters, jeeps, and tanks, as you would expect when you encounter an experience with a war-based MMORPG. Diverse game modes are offered: Capture the Flag, Death-match, and Domination. However, the most recent update produced a new game mode, Class-Specific Tournaments. Training missions can be employed to hone your military skills. 120 different missions are available to help you learn to master each different class’ specific battle assets.
During the immersive experience of action game-play, you have the ability to join up to twelve other players when engaged in multiplayer game mode. You can all collectively engage in battle and successfully defeat your adversaries. Voice chat can be employed to to create your strategic war plans. Player classes include: soldier, gunner, medic, sniper, and stealth. Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth, who can collectively utilize in excess of 100 weapons, crafted specifically for players of a specific class. Each character has their own unique taunts and kill phrases specific to each character experienced in game-play.

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Blitz Brigade Currency System

Blitz Brigade, like similar games in its class runs on a duel-currency system, which can be utilized to initially purchase and subsequently upgrade weapons. Coins are regular currently and can be earned during regular game-play. Diamonds are the type of currency in which players must purchase as they are not free of charge like the coins are. Diamonds broaden game-playing horizons with elite weapons only available for purchase with this currency, as they cannot be purchased with coins.

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If you haven’t downloaded this free game, Blitz Brigade, you can check out more details at or by following them on Twitter @GameloftonTwitter. You can also check them out on Facebook at to stay updated with recent developments in the game. Gameloft’s blog is another good resource to find out more about Blitz Brigage. It’s located at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft. Check out videos and game trailers for Blitz Brigade at!